Cut Cost, Improve Security, Reliability, and Performance with Azure Advisor

This is a quick but important one.  If you are new to Azure or simply looking for ways to manage cost, improve security, reliability, and performance you need to check out Azure Advisor.  Azure Advisor scans Azure environments and compares current configurations to known best practices.  It also identifies ways to save money in Azure.  This video is a quick walkthrough of the Azure Advisor interface meant as an introduction so you can view recommendations in your own environment.  All under 5 minutes.

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Schedule On-Demand Azure File Share Snapshots with an Azure Function

Azure Function

Azure Recovery Vault policies can only schedule one back a day.  This may not be frequently enough for some organizations.  On-demand backups can be initiated with PowerShell.  In this video, we use an Azure Function to schedule on-demand backup recovery points throughout the day.

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Azure Automanage now in Public Preview

In this post and accompanying video, we go over Azure Automanage.  Automanage is an Azure solution to automate management of IaaS servers within the Cloud Adoption Frameworks best practices.  This post gives an overview of the services.  The video reviews the service and provides a demonstration of on-boarding a server.  After that, we go on to review settings on a server that is part of Azure Automanage.

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Azure Backup, Overview and Implementation

Azure Backup

This video starts with an introduction of Azure Backup.  This is useful for anyone interested in Azure Backup or studying for the AZ-103 or other Microsoft Certification.  It goes on to cover the difference between RTP, RPO and the importance of understanding data retention requirements for a solid backup strategy.  After that, it outlines the difference between Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery and gives an overview of what VSS is and how it solves some common backup problems. 

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