Use Splunk to Collect Logs from Office 365 and Azure AD

Microsoft has a lot of options to view Azure log data in one form or another. There is the Security Center, Azure Sentinel, Log Analytics, and Insights.  This is fine for an Azure centric organization, but many organizations already have log collection systems in place such as Splunk, and using multiple logging platforms is not efficient.  This article walks through sending Azure AD and Office 365 logs to Splunk.

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Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 Bundels

Microsoft 365 LicensingFor all the technical challenges I’ve ran into, nothing is more frustrating than trying to understand Microsoft Licensing.  I put together an infogram as an attempt to explain Microsoft licensing and the relationship between the O365, EMS and the new Microsoft 365 license bundle.  Supporting links are below as well as a video I put together to explain how each product relates to the other.  This is meant to be informational only, please seek assistance from a Microsoft licensing professional before making any purchasing decisions. Continue reading “Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 Bundels”

Accessing Office 365

Accessing Office 365

Over the next few weeks I undergo a move of critical organization services to Office 365.  Most of the subsequent posts will be related to activities required
to prepare the existing environment for O365.  This post  will focus on the three options for allowing users to access O365.

In order for users to access O365, they need to authenticate.  Office 365 authenticating takes place with the help of Azure Active Directory.   There are three options for authenticating to O365:
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