Azure Virtual Desktop; “The sign-in method you’re using isn’t allowed”


Azure Virtual Desktop now has the option to join session hosts to Azure AD in addition to Windows AD and Azure AD Domain Services.  I got the error message below while logging in.

“The sign-in method you’re using isn’t allowed.  Try a different sign-in method or contact your system administrator.”

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SMB Multichannel with Azure File Shares

Azure File Shares Premium support SMB multichannel, a way to improve throughput for applications and services.  This video goes over what it is and how it works.  It also goes over performance, network, and Azure VM considerations to help make the best of Azure Files premium.

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MFA Without the Authenticator App for Azure AD and Microsoft 365

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds an important layer of security to Azure AD or Microsoft 365 accounts.  For many, the Microsoft Authenticator app provides the needed second-factor for MFA.  But that depends on a mobile device.  In some cases, an employer may want to use an alternative to a cell phone or mobile device for MFA.  This video looks at a Yubico Yubikey hardware token as an alternative to the Microsoft Authenticator app on a cell phone for Azure MFA.

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Windows 365 Enterprise: Requirements and Walkthrough

This post and video we cover requirements and an overview of how to configure and provision a Cloud PC with Windows 365 Enterprise.

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Announcing Windows 365!


Microsoft announced Windows 365 this week at Inspire.  With this announcement comes a new way to deliver remote desktops as a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform built on Azure Virtual Desktop and is a significant addition to virtual desktop options in Azure.  There is a limited amount of information available about windows 365; in this post and accompanying video, we’ll break down what it is and how it differs from Azure Virtual Desktop.  Keep in mind that this is a new service, the information available may not be complete and change once Windows 365 is available.

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