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Entra Domain Services

Entra Domain Services and Windows AD Password Hash Synchronization

Entra Domain Services (Entra DS) is an Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) compatible managed service hosted in Azure.  Windows AD-sourced users can replicate
Entra Domain Services

Deploy Entra Domain Service and Join a Server to the Domain

In this video, we review deploying Microsoft Entra Domain Services (Entra DS) and configuring replication with Entra ID. The video starts by outlining the
Entra Domain Services

Don’t Use Entra DS to Replace Windows Active Directory

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the reasons why using Entra Domain Services (Entra DS) as a replacement for Windows AD might not
Azure Managed Grafana

How to Deploy Azure Managed Grafana

Grafana is a full-featured data visualization platform for Linux and Windows. With Azure Managed Grafana, we can host Grafana dashboards in Azure without the
Azure Storage Account

Geo-Redundancy for Azure Standard File Shares

Many organizations rely on geo-replicated Azure storage as part of their disaster Recovery strategy.  However, not all storage in Azure supports geo-redundant storage (GRS)

Limit Clipboard Transfer Direction in Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop offers feature-rich options for hosting desktops in the cloud.  Recently, a new preview feature was announced to control the direction of

Don’t Let Antivirus Impact FSLogix Performance

FSLogix is the go-to solution for managing profiles in AVD and many other VDI environments.  Configuring FSLogix is relatively simple, but there is one
Entra ID Conditional Access

Advanced Conditional Access Policies for AVD

Entra ID Conditional Access Policies are an excellent option for managing Multifactor Authentication, but there is more to it than MFA.  This video follows
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