Git for System Admin Scripting


I spent most of my time in IT as a system admin, on the “Ops” side of DevOps.  Over the years, I have accumulated many different batch files and scripts of one type or another.  File shares worked well for storing the code I write.  I discovered Git and it’s become my main repository for all script related code.  Recently, I attempted to make a case to other admins for using Git, but failed to make a convincing case.  Below, I lay out my case to why a sysadmin or anyone writing any kind of script should move to Git.  I also outline how I use it in an effort to make my case and help anyone interested in getting started with Git. 

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I Hate the Cloud

I hate “The Could”.  Not the technology, the term “The Cloud” and everything sales and marketing departments have made it out to be.  At the heart, The Cloud is just someone else’s computer.  It is not a panacea that takes away all of an organizations technology headaches, and it’s not a scary black hole where hackers congregate to data mine organizational data.
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