Azure Networking, User Defined Routes, and Network Virtual Appliances

This video was intended to show User Defined Routes (UDRs) and a few items were added on to demonstrate how they work.  It starts with some Azure Networking Basics and then we review a hub and spoke network.  From there, A Windows Server with Routing and Remote Access Services (RRAS) is configured as a Network Virtual Appliance (NVA) to route traffic between the spokes in the network.  UDRs are configured on the spoke subnets that send inter-spoke traffic to the NVA.  After that, we add a firewall into the network and direct internet traffic to the firewall with a default route in the UDR.

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VM Applications with Azure Compute Gallery

Azure Compute Gallery is not just for images.  We can create application packages for Windows and Linux Virtual Machines and deploy the applications as part of a deployment or install them on existing Azure VM’s.  This video walks through creating the application package and adding applications to the Azure Compute Gallery, deploying them as part of a VM deployment, adding the application to an existing VM as well as using the uninstall feature to remove an application. 

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Windows 365 Enterprise: Requirements and Walkthrough

This post and video we cover requirements and an overview of how to configure and provision a Cloud PC with Windows 365 Enterprise.

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