Windows 365 Enterprise and Intune Management Training Course Now Available!

Windows 365 Enterprise and Intune Management Training Course Now Available!

I am happy to announce a new Microsoft training course for Windows 365 Enterprise and Intune Management is now available at  I collaborated with Dean Ellerby (@dean_ellerby) to create this course.  It covers everything needed to implement and manage Windows 365 Enterprise with Intune. 

Topics include:

  • Deploy Azure AD and Windows AD Joined Cloud PCs
  • Connect to a private Azure virtual network
  • Create custom images
  • Backup, restore, and resize Cloud PCs
  • Manage Devices with Endpoint Manager and Intune
  • Verify Device configuration and compliance
  • Set review holds

This course teaches you about Windows 365 Enterprise, Microsoft’s new Cloud PC solution.  Windows 365 allows for rapid deployment of cloud PCs without the upfront expense of a traditional on-premises VDI solution. In addition, you will learn how to deploy Azure AD joined Cloud PCs and, optionally, deploy Hybrid Azure AD Joined Cloud PCs integrated into an existing Windows AD environment. 

You will also learn how to manage Windows 365 Cloud PCs with Endpoint Manager and Intune.  Start by creating Device groups and filters to apply custom configuration settings to Cloud PCs.  Then move on to validating device compliance and application configuration.  Also included is monitoring and reporting on the environment.

This course uses a combination of presentations to introduce essential concepts and then reinforces those concepts with examples in a hands-on lab. Follow along with the authors in an Azure lab environment using the Endpoint Management and Azure portal to complete tasks in the course.

The course can be found at the link below.

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June 2024
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