Azure Windows Virtual Desktop Public Preview Walkthrough

In this video I do a walk through of setting up the new Microsoft Azure service, Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). I start by comparing WVD with Remote Desktop Services (RDS). After that, I give a tutorial on setting up the tenant, adding the PowerShell Modules required to configure the service, and finally walk through deploying a host pool from the Azure Marketplace and logging in with the HTML5 client. This service is an alternative to Remote Desktop Services. It uses a PaaS offering to replace the RD Web, RD Gateway and Connection Broker. Windows 10 1809 multi user or Windows 7 is used to host remote desktop sessions.

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Azure 101 – Resource Groups and Naming Conventions

This video goes over the concept of Azure Resource Groups, what they are and how to use them.  This video also goes over recommendations and best practices for naming resources in Azure.

Logic App and Service Bus

Logic App
Service Bus

This week I started working with Logic Apps.  I have a project with a specific end goal in mind for my first Logic App application.  This post will cover the first part of the process, moving data from a webhook to Azure Service Bus with Logic Apps.

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Monitor WordPress with Azure Application Insights

Application Insights

In this video I show you how to setup Azure Applications Insight.  Next, I go over how to add the Azure Application Insights plugin to WordPress and use that to monitor performance, user and availability data.

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Azure 101 – Azure Locations, Regions and High Availability

This is the first video in a 101, Introductory to Microsoft Azure series. The video starts by reviewing the current Azure geographies and regions, and works through tutorial of different options of leveraging Azure Regions for high availability. Topics include Azure Regions, Availability Sets, Availability Zones and Paired regions.

How to use a Free GitHub Account to Manage Azure Automation Runbooks

Azure Automation

Controlling source code is important for good code management, especially when multiple people are working on a project.  In this video, I’m going to show you how to connect an Azure Automation account with a free or paid GitHub account.

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