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Image Builder PowerShell

Install Applications in Azure Image Builder with PowerShell!

Azure Image Builder provides a way to create images for Azure VM’s in an automated pipeline.  It’s even easier with the new portal integration. 
Image Builder

New! Azure Image Builder Portal Integration

Azure Image Builder is a flexible tool used to create custom Windows and Linux images in Azure.  It uses HashiCorp Packer in the backend

VM Applications with Azure Compute Gallery

Azure Compute Gallery is not just for images.  We can create application packages for Windows and Linux Virtual Machines and deploy the applications as

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Template Specs

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Template Specs are a first-party solution for storing and managing ARM Templates.  With Template Specs, ARM templates are uploaded to
az-900 Azure Fundamentals

AZ-900 Core Azure Architectural Components Part 3

This is the third video in a series on the Azure AZ900, Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam.  The AZ-900 is required for the Azure Fundamentals

Image Builder and WVD Session Hosts with One Azure DevOps Pipeline

This video picks up where the last two DevOps videos left off.  We use one Azure DevOps Pipeline and multiple jobs to build an

Deploy Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Session Hosts with Azure DevOps

In this video, we go over using an Azure DevOps pipeline to automate building and Deploying Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Session Hosts.  This Azure

Azure DevOps Pipeline and Image Builder

In this video, we go over using an Azure DevOps pipeline to automate the image build process with Azure Image Builder.  This Azure DevOps
May 2024
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