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Image Builder PowerShell

Install Applications in Azure Image Builder with PowerShell!

Azure Image Builder provides a way to create images for Azure VM’s in an automated pipeline.  It’s even easier with the new portal integration. 
Image Builder

New! Azure Image Builder Portal Integration

Azure Image Builder is a flexible tool used to create custom Windows and Linux images in Azure.  It uses HashiCorp Packer in the backend

Manage Azure Automation Runbooks with Git Source Control

Storing important automation scripts on a file share or local hard drive?  There is a better way with Azure Automation and Source Control integration. 

Azure DevOps Pipelines with Terraform and Stages

In this video, we build an Azure DevOps pipeline with stages to deploy resources built with Terraform.  We start by reviewing the environment including
Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps and Bicep Pipelines

In this video, we build on DevOps repos by creating an Azure DevOps pipeline that deploys Azure Bicep template files.  We start by creating
Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps and PowerShell Pipelines

In this video, we build on DevOps Repos by crating a PowerShell file and running it within a PowerShell based DevOps pipeline.  A pipeline
Azure DevOps

Using VS Code with Azure DevOps Git Repos

This is a continuation of my previous video on Azure DevOps Repos.  In this video, we install Visual Studio Code and install and configure
Azure DevOps

Getting Started with Azure DevOps Repos

Azure DevOps Repositories, or “repos” provide a way for teams to create, version, and manage code and files used for an Azure DevOps Project. 
May 2024
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