Image Builder and WVD Session Hosts with One Azure DevOps Pipeline

This video picks up where the last two DevOps videos left off.  We use one Azure DevOps Pipeline and multiple jobs to build an updated image with Azure Image Builder, then deploy new Virtual Machines, Windows Virtual Desktop Session Hosts in this example, with the updated image.  We also go over addressing Image Builder failures in the DevOps pipeline.

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Deploy Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Session Hosts with Azure DevOps

In this video, we go over using an Azure DevOps pipeline to automate building and Deploying Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Session Hosts.  This Azure DevOps tutorial builds on previous videos and demonstrates how to use Azure ARM Templates and parameter files to deploy WVD Session Hosts.  Next, the ARM template and parameter file is used in an Azure DevOps pipeline along with PowerShell and Azure Key Vault secretes to securely automate the deployment of Session Hosts based on the latest Shared Image Gallery (SIG) image.

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Azure DevOps Pipeline and Image Builder

In this video, we go over using an Azure DevOps pipeline to automate the image build process with Azure Image Builder.  This Azure DevOps tutorial goes over using Azure DevOps with VS Code to manage files.  We then build a YAML pipeline with Azure CLI, ARM template deployments and PowerShell to build an image.

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Azure DevOps, Git and VS Code

This video provides an introduction to using Azure DevOps Git repos with VS Code.  We go over installing and configuring Git, then cloning a repo to the local workstation.  We also go over using Git Push to push changes to the DevOps repo and using Git Pull to update the local repo with remote changes.

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Git for the Lone Scripter – Fork, Branch & Merge

In my first post, I made the bold statement that I would leave Branch and Fork out of this series because as a Sysadmin and loan scripter, I simply don’t need that functionality.  However, I didn’t feel that this would be a complete series on Git if I didn’t spend some time on Git Branch and Fork.  At a minimum, it is helpful to understand what it is and how it works.

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Git and VS Code for the Lone Scripter

This is where my last two articles, Git for System Admin Scripting and Get Started with Git Remote, come together.  Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is a powerful and extendable IDE.  VS Code supports Git out of the box.  It also supports many programming and scripting languages with Microsoft and 3rd party extensions.  In this article, I walk through common tasks that we have already covered, only this time with the native Git integration within VS Code.  I also review new functionality with a free 3rd party extension.

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Git for System Admin Scripting


I spent most of my time in IT as a system admin, on the “Ops” side of DevOps.  Over the years, I have accumulated many different batch files and scripts of one type or another.  File shares worked well for storing the code I write.  I discovered Git and it’s become my main repository for all script related code.  Recently, I attempted to make a case to other admins for using Git, but failed to make a convincing case.  Below, I lay out my case to why a sysadmin or anyone writing any kind of script should move to Git.  I also outline how I use it in an effort to make my case and help anyone interested in getting started with Git. 

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