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Windows HyperV

Create a Virtual Switch and Virtual Machine in Hyper-V

Once we have Windows Server and Hyper-V on new hardware, the next step is to create a virtual network and add a VM.  This

Why You Should Use IP Groups in Azure Firewall

Managing IP addresses individually in Azure Firewall can be time consuming and error prone.  Use IP Group instead to create a single collection of

What is Azure Firewall Basic and How to Deploy One

Azure now has three SKUs for the firewall project: Premium, Standard, and recently GA, Basic.  Azure Firewall Basic offers many of the same features

What is RDP Shortpath for AVD Public Networks and How to Use It

This is a follow up to my previous video on RDP Shortpath for Private networks.  A low Round Trip Time (RTT) is required for

What is RDP Shortpath for AVD Managed Networks and How to Use It

A low Round Trip Time (RTT) is required for a good user experience in Azure Virtual Desktop.  With RDP Shortpath for AVD Managed Networks,

Getting Started with Public Load Balancers in Azure

Load balancers provide performance and high availability for applications and services.  In this video, we review Azure public load balancers including inbound connectivity from

Azure Networking, User Defined Routes, and Network Virtual Appliances

This video was intended to show User Defined Routes (UDRs) and a few items were added on to demonstrate how they work.  It starts

SFTP with Azure Storage is now Generally Availability

SSH File Transfer protocol (SFTP), sometimes called Secure FTP, provides the ability to transfer files between autonomous systems.  Azure Storage standard V2 and Premium
July 2024
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