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Don’t Let Antivirus Impact FSLogix Performance

FSLogix is the go-to solution for managing profiles in AVD and many other VDI environments.  Configuring FSLogix is relatively simple, but there is one
AVD Insights

How to Review and Search AVD Insights Data

You deployed AVD Insights and are collecting data, now what?  This video is a guide to reviewing and searching the AVD insights workbooks available
AVD Insights

Migrate AVD Insights to the New Azure Monitor Agent

The legacy Microsoft Monitor Agent (MMA) for Log Analytics retires in August of 2024.  Many have already deployed the MMA agent to collect data
AVD Insights

Getting Started With AVD Insights and the Azure Monitor Agent

Monitoring is important for any infrastructure, including AVD.  Microsoft provides a tool for managing AVD called AVD Insights.  This tool uses Log Analytics to
Managed Disk

What You Need to Know About Azure Premium SSD V2 Disks

Microsoft recently announced the availability of Azure Premium SSD V2 disks.  These are a great and economical option for high-performance workloads in Azure.  This
Image Builder PowerShell

Install Applications in Azure Image Builder with PowerShell!

Azure Image Builder provides a way to create images for Azure VM’s in an automated pipeline.  It’s even easier with the new portal integration. 
Image Builder

New! Azure Image Builder Portal Integration

Azure Image Builder is a flexible tool used to create custom Windows and Linux images in Azure.  It uses HashiCorp Packer in the backend

How to Use Azure DNS Private Resolver and Outbound Endpoints

This video goes over how to use an Azure DNS Private Resolver and Outbound Endpoints with Azure DNS Forwarding Rulesets.  These two services allow
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