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AVD Insights

How to Review and Search AVD Insights Data

You deployed AVD Insights and are collecting data, now what?  This video is a guide to reviewing and searching the AVD insights workbooks available
AVD Insights

Migrate AVD Insights to the New Azure Monitor Agent

The legacy Microsoft Monitor Agent (MMA) for Log Analytics retires in August of 2024.  Many have already deployed the MMA agent to collect data

Collect Custom Windows Event Logs in Log Analytics

Adding most Windows Event Logs to Log Analytics is a straightforward process.  Simply go to the Advanced properties in the Workspace > Windows Event

Azure Monitor Setup and Server Onboarding

My first article posted at 4sysops on setting up an Azure Monitor workspace in Log Analytics and onboarding Servers. https://4sysops.com/archives/azure-monitor-setup-and-on-premises-configuration/

Computer Groups In Azure Log Analytics

Computer Groups in Azure Log Analytics can easily be overlooked yet they are very useful.  Computer Groups are based off custom log searches or

Alerts Based on Rolling Averages in Log Analytics

This post will go over how to create an alert for Log Analytics that evaluates two recent time periods for comparison. It’s a little,

Log Ping Response to Log Analytics

Today I am publishing a utility called PingTimeLog.  The idea is simple; ping a group of servers and write the response time to Azure

Azure OMS Log Analytics Step by Step – Adding Custom Logs

In previous videos I demonstrated how to collect Event logs from a Windows server in Azure Log Analytics. You may need to also collect
May 2024
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