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Know your Azure AD Device Identities! Azure AD Registered, Azure AD Joined, and Hybrid Azure AD Joined

Devices, like users and groups, have identities in Azure AD.  We can use these identities to manage the devices.  This video goes over the

Getting Started with Microsoft Graph and PowerShell

The Azure AD and MSOnline PowerShell Modules will be depreciated soon.  The replacement is the Microsoft Graph PowerShell module based on the Microsoft Graph

Azure DevOps Pipelines with Terraform and Stages

In this video, we build an Azure DevOps pipeline with stages to deploy resources built with Terraform.  We start by reviewing the environment including
Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps and Bicep Pipelines

In this video, we build on DevOps repos by creating an Azure DevOps pipeline that deploys Azure Bicep template files.  We start by creating
Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps and PowerShell Pipelines

In this video, we build on DevOps Repos by crating a PowerShell file and running it within a PowerShell based DevOps pipeline.  A pipeline
az-900 Azure Fundamentals

AZ-900 Describe Cloud Service Types, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

The following video is for those preparing for the AZ-900, Azure Fundamentals Microsoft Certification.  This video covers the skills “describe cloud service types” found
Azure DevOps

Using VS Code with Azure DevOps Git Repos

This is a continuation of my previous video on Azure DevOps Repos.  In this video, we install Visual Studio Code and install and configure
June 2023
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