Connect to Windows Virtual Desktop WVD with a Raspberry Pi and Stratodesk

Raspberry Pi and Windows Virtual Desktop

In this video, we go over the steps to image a Raspberry Pi with Stratodesk NoTouchOS.  From there, we configure Stratodesk to connect to a Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) remote desktop session using dual monitors.

UPDATE – Use ctrl+alt+w as a faster option to set up wireless.

Due to not having a proper video capture device, I recorded parts of this video with a webcam pointed at the monitor.  I’ll get that fixed for next time 🙂

You can download the Stratodesk trial from the link below.  Remember to use a company account (not a free account) to register.  You will probably need to open a support ticket to get the Raspberry Pi version of the image.  They won’t send the link to a free email account.


Stratodesk download:

WVD RDWeb feed URL:

WVD Course:

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