Update an WVD Application Group Based on a Windows AD Security Group

WVD Security Groups

One unfortunate aspect of working with Windows Virtual Desktop is the inability to assign users to an Application Group based on group management. Microsoft has heard this complaint and an upcoming version of WVD portal management will include App Group access based on group membership. Until that is available, I created a script that should help.

This script compares a list of users in a Windows security group to users in a WVD AppGroup. If the users exist in both, it does nothing. If the user is in the security group but not in the Application Group, the user is added to the App Group. If a user is in the App Group but not the AD Security Group, the user is removed from the App Group.

This script can be run on it’s own but would be better suited for an automation solution. If automated, I suggest commenting the write-host commands or sending that data to the logging solution of your choice.

WVD scripts can be found at the link below.
Try it before you trust it.

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