Don’t Use Azure AD Domain Services to Replace Windows Domain Controllers

Azure AD Domain Services

I’ve been sitting on this topic for a while.  I typically like to pass along information that helps people better understand Azure and other Microsoft products absent of my option.  However, this post is slightly opinionated, an opinion that was formulated after seeing problems users ran into while trying to use Azure AD as a replacement for Windows AD. 

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Azure Traffic Manager

Azure Traffic ManagerAzure Traffic Manager is a global DNS service hosted in Azure.  It extends the functionality of DNS beyond simple name to IP resolution, adding load balancing and advanced resolution features such as geo-fencing, weighted priority, performance, and source IP based name resolution.

Just as important to what it is, is what it is not.  It is not an IP based Global Load Balancer.  Traffic Manager does not handle IP session data, BGP or any other routing protocols.  It is only an External DNS solution, it won’t work as an internal DNS solution.  Continue reading “Azure Traffic Manager”