Private Endpoints and DNS in Azure

Private Endpoints and DNS in Azure

Private Endpoint

Private Endpoints in Azure provide a secure way to access resources over the private, internal network.  But the options for configuring DNS for Private Endpoints is not as straight forward.  This video goes over the options available for DNS with Private Endpoints.  We start by crating a storage account with a Private Endpoint, the review the default DNS configuration.  We look at The WireServer and how it can be used with a Conditional Forwarder as well as using Forward Lookup Zones for name resolution.


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2 thoughts on “Private Endpoints and DNS in Azure”

  1. Davide Martusciello

    Hi Travis,
    awesome video!
    I’ve configured Forward Lookup Zone in my DNS on Windows Azure VM for my privatelink dns records for database, redis cache and storage in my VNET and other peereds VNETs.
    There is only a little problem: I’ve to contact a blob storage of another supplier that gave me the public FQDN to connect to his public storage
    The problem is that also him have privatelink configured on his Azure account, but I want only his public IP and my DNS Server search on privatelink forward lookup zone created.
    There is a workaround?
    Thank you very much

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