Update with Breadth-First! Auto Scale Session Hosts in Windows Virtual Desktop Spring Update (ARM) with Azure Function

I am excited to announce a significant update to the Auto Start and Stop script for WVD.  This update adds a new option that works with the peak time settings to change the load balancing type from Depth-First to Breadth-First.  When used, it also starts all available session hosts during peak time to accommodate the user load. 

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Azure Monitor for WVD in Public Preview

WVD and Azure Monitor

Azure Monitor for WVD is now in public preview.  This is a great option for monitoring Windows Virtual Desktop performance, capacity and client experience. With integration into Azure Monitor, collecting and viewing performance data is now easier than ever.

In this video, we go over configuring Azure Monitor Insights for WVD and do a quick review of the data collected.

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WVD Session Host Status “Shutdown”


A recent change took place in WVD host pools that cause an issue with the scale Host Pool VMs script I created.  Before the change, a shutdown Session Host would report as “Unavailable” in the Session Hosts status on the Host Pool.  Unavailable indicates that the agent was not reporting to WVD. 

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Azure AD Administrative Units

Azure AD Administrative Units

In this video, I go over Azure AD Administrative Units.  Azure AD Administrative units are a way to delegate admirative tasks to a subset of Azure AD users.  We review how to create Admin Units and how to add users and groups to an Administrative Unit. We also delegate administrative rights to a user to on an Administrative Unit.

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Static Public Source IP in Azure with Network Address Translation (NAT) Gateway

NAT Gateway Icon

In this video, we configure an Azure Network Address Translation (NAT) Gateway.  A NAT Gateway provides a static source public IP or IP range for resources in an Azure VNet.  It can be used for controlling the source IP for sites that may restrict access by a whitelist, or as an exclusion in MFA Conditional Access policies.  The video walks through an example of using a NAT Gateway for a Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) deployment so users bypass MFA when logging in from a WVD Session Host.

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Windows Virtual Desktop JoinDomain Error

This video goes over “JoinDomain” error sometimes experienced in Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD).  The video reviews the requirements for WVD and configuration errors that could lead to the “JoinDomain” error.  I give several tips to resolve issues that could cause this error and give a suggestion at the end to help identify if the source of the problem is WVD or the Azure Environment.

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