New! Azure Spot Virtual Machine

Azure Spot VM
Azure Spot VM

Azure Spot Virtual Machines are an IaaS server option offered at a deep discount compared to pay-as-you-go and Reserved Instance pricing.  This video walks through deploying the new Azure Spot VM’s with the Azure Portal.  The video also gives an overview of what Azure Spot VM instances are and some considerations to using them. 

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Create Application Groups, Publish Applications and Set Access in WVD

In this video, I go over how to create application groups in Windows Virtual Desktop.  Once created, I add start menu applications to the application group.  After that, I publish the applications to users by adding them to the Application Group.  I also demonstrate a script that will add users to a WVD Application Group based on a Windows AD Application Group.

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Send Email with SendGrid and PowerShell

In this video, I set up a free SendGrid account in Azure and send email with the Rest API and PowerShell.  I walk through the reusable function that builds the header and body of the message.  This function is helpful for anyone who needs to send email from a PowerShell script that doesn’t have access to an SMTP relay or are behind a firewall that blocks outbound SMTP traffic.

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Run Azure Function PowerShell code On-Premises with a Relay Hybrid Connection

In this video, I walk through setting up a PowerShell based Azure Function and Hybrid Connection to run PowerShell code inside a private network.  I use the example of automatically downloading files added to an Azure Storage Account to a local file system inside a private network.

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Azure Cost Management and Billing

Azure Cost Management

In this video, I walk through Azure Cost Management and Billing.  I give a tutorial on setting up a budget and spending alerts once certain spending thresholds are reached on a subscription.  Next, I review and manage past alerts.  After that is a walkthrough analyzing subscription spending trends.  Lastly, I give an example of Azure Advisor Recommendations on my subscription.

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Windows Virtual Desktop Custom Image and Session Management

This is the third video in a series on setting up the new Azure Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Desktop service (WVD).  In this video, I do a step-by-step walkthrough of creating a Windows 10 1809 multi-user template image and using it for a WVD deployment.  After that, I show how to manage the WVD environment by viewing session information and managing hosts.