Azure Cost Management and Billing

Azure Cost Management

In this video, I walk through Azure Cost Management and Billing.  I give a tutorial on setting up a budget and spending alerts once certain spending thresholds are reached on a subscription.  Next, I review and manage past alerts.  After that is a walkthrough analyzing subscription spending trends.  Lastly, I give an example of Azure Advisor Recommendations on my subscription.

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Windows Virtual Desktop Custom Image and Session Management

This is the third video in a series on setting up the new Azure Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Desktop service (WVD).  In this video, I do a step-by-step walkthrough of creating a Windows 10 1809 multi-user template image and using it for a WVD deployment.  After that, I show how to manage the WVD environment by viewing session information and managing hosts.

Exchange MFA – Application Cannot Be Started

I ran into this error for the second time so I though I would document it quick.  To use Multi Factor Authentication with Exchange on Office 365, the use of a specific PowerShell Module is required.  This can be found in the Exchange Online portal under Hybrid.  After downloading and running, the error message “Cannot Start Application” and “Application cannot be started.  Contact the application vendor”. Continue reading “Exchange MFA – Application Cannot Be Started”