Azure DevOps Pipelines with Terraform and Stages

In this video, we build an Azure DevOps pipeline with stages to deploy resources built with Terraform.  We start by reviewing the environment including the code and the storage account used for the backend Terraform data.  We add the Terraform extension to DevOps and create a multiple stage Azure DevOps pipeline with tasks to initialize, verify plan and apply the Terraform configuration.  Next, we create a second pipeline to run the destroy command to clean up the deployment.

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Azure DevOps and Bicep Pipelines

Azure DevOps

In this video, we build on DevOps repos by creating an Azure DevOps pipeline that deploys Azure Bicep template files.  We start by creating a service connection, allowing DevOps to deploy resources to Azure.  Next, we create multiple pipeline jobs, splitting the deployment into two parts, or jobs, that run sequentially.  One job deploys resources to Azure and the other removes the resources.  A dependency is used to only run the second job if the first is successful.  Azure Bicep files are used for this example.  We review the modular deployment then create a parameters file to set configuration parameters for the deployment.

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Azure DevOps and PowerShell Pipelines

Azure DevOps

In this video, we build on DevOps Repos by crating a PowerShell file and running it within a PowerShell based DevOps pipeline.  A pipeline is an automation tool built into Azure DevOps that supports continuous integration, continuous development (CI/CD).  We review creating a starter pipeline, edit the pipeline to conclude inline PowerShell commands and a PowerShell Script.  We then add variables to the pipeline and change the trigger to only run manually. 

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Using VS Code with Azure DevOps Git Repos

Azure DevOps

This is a continuation of my previous video on Azure DevOps Repos.  In this video, we install Visual Studio Code and install and configure Git to use an Azure DevOps Git repository.  We then go over creating and publishing branches from VS Code and pushing and pulling code updates from VS Code to the DevOps Repo.

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Getting Started with Azure DevOps Repos

Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps Repositories, or “repos” provide a way for teams to create, version, and manage code and files used for an Azure DevOps Project.  This video is an introduction tutorial for DevOps Repos, demonstrating how to create a new Git project, initialize the repo, create a branch, add files to a branch and commit changes, review history, create a pull request, and review branching policies.

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