Configuring Storage Spaces with Azure Desired State Configuration

AzureAutomationAs promised in my last post, here are the details on configuring Storage Spaces with Azure Desired State Configuration.

But first, some context

The goal is strait forward.  I  deploy multiple Windows Server 2016 VM’s and add them to the domain all with an ARM template.  These VM’s inevitably have multiple data drives just waiting to be provisioned.  Logging into each server to manually configure data drives is just not practical.  I needed a way to pool the data drives and create a  single data disk with minimal interaction. Continue reading “Configuring Storage Spaces with Azure Desired State Configuration”

PowerShell Desired State Configuration Troubles

AzureAutomationI am excited for the potential of PowerShell Desired State Configuration.  The ideal of pushing configurations with one click, making settings consistent across multiple machines is a sysadmins utopia.  But getting there can be a challenge and somewhat of a steep learning curve.

This week’s obstacle was with the PowerShell DSC script resource.  There is a lot of information available.  This Microsoft document is a good place to start. Continue reading “PowerShell Desired State Configuration Troubles”