Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Template Specs

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Template Specs are a first-party solution for storing and managing ARM Templates.  With Template Specs, ARM templates are uploaded to Azure and managed as an Azure resource, including access control with RBAC security.  Template Specs also support versioning and adding linked templates to the Template Spec to create a complete package for ARM deployments.

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Automatically add an Azure Tag Using Event Grid and Azure Functions

Azure Function

In this video, we apply Azure Tags to Resource Groups automatic with Event Grid and Azure Functions.  We configure Azure Event Grid on a subscription to send an event whenever a new resource group is created.  Then, we configure a PowerShell Function App with a Managed Identity to use the event data and tag the resource group with the date and creator’s name.

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JSON and ARM Templates

ARM Templates are written with JSON and are at the core of Azure Resource Manager deployments.  I have used and developed templates for months.  Although successful, I ran into issues with formatting and syntax this week and decided to take a step back and get a better understanding of the underlying JSON used in these templates.  In this post, I start from the beginning, exploring JSON as it relates to ARM templates. Continue reading “JSON and ARM Templates”