Windows 365 Enterprise: Requirements and Walkthrough

This post and video we cover requirements and an overview of how to configure and provision a Cloud PC with Windows 365 Enterprise.

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Use Splunk to Collect Logs from Office 365 and Azure AD

Microsoft has a lot of options to view Azure log data in one form or another. There is the Security Center, Azure Sentinel, Log Analytics, and Insights.  This is fine for an Azure centric organization, but many organizations already have log collection systems in place such as Splunk, and using multiple logging platforms is not efficient.  This article walks through sending Azure AD and Office 365 logs to Splunk.

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Azure Traffic Manager

Azure Traffic ManagerAzure Traffic Manager is a global DNS service hosted in Azure.  It extends the functionality of DNS beyond simple name to IP resolution, adding load balancing and advanced resolution features such as geo-fencing, weighted priority, performance, and source IP based name resolution.

Just as important to what it is, is what it is not.  It is not an IP based Global Load Balancer.  Traffic Manager does not handle IP session data, BGP or any other routing protocols.  It is only an External DNS solution, it won’t work as an internal DNS solution.  Continue reading “Azure Traffic Manager”

Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 Bundels

Microsoft 365 LicensingFor all the technical challenges I’ve ran into, nothing is more frustrating than trying to understand Microsoft Licensing.  I put together an infogram as an attempt to explain Microsoft licensing and the relationship between the O365, EMS and the new Microsoft 365 license bundle.  Supporting links are below as well as a video I put together to explain how each product relates to the other.  This is meant to be informational only, please seek assistance from a Microsoft licensing professional before making any purchasing decisions. Continue reading “Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 Bundels”

Azure RDP and Bitmap Caching

I had a problem this week when connecting to Azure VM’s.  When connecting by RDP parts of the screen were blocked out by black squares and rectangles like the image below.  This only happened when connected to Azure VM’s, I did not have the problem with VM’s in any of my other datacenters.

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Microsoft Direct Access and Azure Single Sign On

Microsoft Direct Access and Azure Single Sign On

Once the Azure implementation of Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) was in place I ran through the test process.  Single Sign on works as expected from inside the network.  Going to passes my client to the internal ADFS server where I enter my user name and get redirected to the Office 365 landing page.  Doing the same from outside the corporate network works similarly only directing me to the external servers where I had to enter my domain UPN (username) and password.  All well, but then…

The problem was connecting to an Office 365 site from a domain joined computer connected outside the corporate network via Direct Access (DA).  In this scenario I get the prompt for username and password.  This is not ideal, the end users expectation is to have the same experience through DA as in the office. Continue reading “Microsoft Direct Access and Azure Single Sign On”