Dynamic Blocks in Terraform with Azure

Resources in Terraform are deployed as top-level resources.  A server or App Service plan for example.  These top-level resources include inline, or sub-resources; blocks of code that configure the top-level resource. In this blog post and video, we use a Network Security Group (NSG) as a Dynamic block example by creating multiple security rules as inline or sub-resources.

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Remote Backend State with Terraform and Azure Storage

Until now, we have developed our Infrastructure code as a single developer. As a result, our state file is created and maintained on the local development computer.  This is fine for a team of one, but having multiple versions of a state file can become an issue as others join in.  This post and accompanying video examines using a remote backend state on Azure Storage to host shared state files.

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Modules and Outputs with Terraform and Azure

Modules and outputs are two important concepts for creating quality, reusable Terraform code.  This post and accompanying video put those concepts into practice.  This is a lengthy subject, so grab a drink of your choice and settle in for the ride.  Also, if you are getting started with Terraform, be sure to check out my other articles and videos on using Terraform.  The information below assumes some knowledge of Terraform.

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