Scheduled Agent Updates in Azure Virtual Desktop

Scheduled Agents Updates AVD

Until now, there has been no options available to schedule when Azure Virtual Desktop Agent updates take place.  Now in preview is an option to set a weekly schedule that defines when agent updates can take place.  This video goes over what components make up the AVD agent and how updates take place.  We then review how to set a schedule for both validation and non-validation host pool environments.

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Autoscale with Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Scaling Plans


Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) now has an integrated session host scaling solution built into the portal.  This video goes over how to configure the custom role required for autoscale, then create a scaling plan and schedule and assign it to a host pool.

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Announcing Windows 365!


Microsoft announced Windows 365 this week at Inspire.  With this announcement comes a new way to deliver remote desktops as a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform built on Azure Virtual Desktop and is a significant addition to virtual desktop options in Azure.  There is a limited amount of information available about windows 365; in this post and accompanying video, we’ll break down what it is and how it differs from Azure Virtual Desktop.  Keep in mind that this is a new service, the information available may not be complete and change once Windows 365 is available.

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