Git for the Lone Scripter – Fork, Branch & Merge

In my first post, I made the bold statement that I would leave Branch and Fork out of this series because as a Sysadmin and loan scripter, I simply don’t need that functionality.  However, I didn’t feel that this would be a complete series on Git if I didn’t spend some time on Git Branch and Fork.  At a minimum, it is helpful to understand what it is and how it works.

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Update an WVD Application Group Based on a Windows AD Security Group

WVD Security Groups

One unfortunate aspect of working with Windows Virtual Desktop is the inability to assign users to an Application Group based on group management. Microsoft has heard this complaint and an upcoming version of WVD portal management will include App Group access based on group membership. Until that is available, I created a script that should help.

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Remove-Hostpool Script

Over the past few months I’ve created and removed many Windows Virtual Desktop Host Pools for testing. Removing a WVD Host Pool can be a little tedious so I crated and shareing a script that walks through selecting and removing a Host Pool. GitHub link below.

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Windows Virtual Server and Active Directory Requirements (and Azure Files While I’m At It)

EDIT 11/16/2016 – This information is outdated. WVD now supports Azure AD Domain Services with users sourced from Windows Server AD.

I spent hours this week trying to design a Windows Virtual Desktop solution that stores FXLogix profiles in Azure Files.  This should be a simple task, but once I got into the details it proved anything but simple.  The first consideration was a note on the overview page of the WVD documentation “What is Windows Virtual Desktop” :

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Send Email with SendGrid and PowerShell

In this video, I set up a free SendGrid account in Azure and send email with the Rest API and PowerShell.  I walk through the reusable function that builds the header and body of the message.  This function is helpful for anyone who needs to send email from a PowerShell script that doesn’t have access to an SMTP relay or are behind a firewall that blocks outbound SMTP traffic.

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Git and VS Code for the Lone Scripter

This is where my last two articles, Git for System Admin Scripting and Get Started with Git Remote, come together.  Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is a powerful and extendable IDE.  VS Code supports Git out of the box.  It also supports many programming and scripting languages with Microsoft and 3rd party extensions.  In this article, I walk through common tasks that we have already covered, only this time with the native Git integration within VS Code.  I also review new functionality with a free 3rd party extension.

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Azure Windows Virtual Desktop Service Principal Deployment!

In this video, I walk through creating a Service Principal using PowerShell and assigning it the role of Windows Virtual Desktop Owner.  Once created, I use the new Azure AD Application Service Principal to deploy a host pool using the Portal.

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