Author: Travis Roberts

AVD Insights

Getting Started With AVD Insights and the Azure Monitor Agent

Monitoring is important for any infrastructure, including AVD.  Microsoft provides a tool for managing AVD called AVD Insights.  This tool uses Log Analytics to
Managed Disk

What You Need to Know About Azure Premium SSD V2 Disks

Microsoft recently announced the availability of Azure Premium SSD V2 disks.  These are a great and economical option for high-performance workloads in Azure.  This
Entra ID

What are RBAC Roles in Azure and How to Use Them

Introduction In this post and accompanying video, we review Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) roles, exploring what they are and how they play a crucial
Windows HyperV

Create a Virtual Switch and Virtual Machine in Hyper-V

Once we have Windows Server and Hyper-V on new hardware, the next step is to create a virtual network and add a VM.  This

Can a PIN be safer than a Password?

Introduction In today’s digital landscape, where remote workers are the norm, ensuring the security of our computer systems is paramount. This blog post will

How to Create a Static Website in Azure Storage

Azure Storage offers a lot of features, Blob storage, Azure File Shares, message Queues, and Table storage just to name a few.  We can
Entra ID

What is Entra ID, Entra Domain Services, and Windows AD?

In today’s digital landscape, it’s crucial to comprehend the various directory services Microsoft offers.  These services are pivotal in managing user identities, securing data,
May 2024
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