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Entra ID

What is Entra ID, Entra Domain Services, and Windows AD?

In today’s digital landscape, it’s crucial to comprehend the various directory services Microsoft offers.  These services are pivotal in managing user identities, securing data,

Azure Update Manager with Azure Policies

Applying security and other updates is an important part to keeping a healthy IT environment.  Azure has a couple of options to update Windows

How to Add an EXE App to Intune and Deploy to Windows

Applications come with a variety of installation types.  One common type is the Win32 .exe format.  The native .exe format is not an option

How to Add an MSI Application to Intune and Deploy to Windows

Organizations are no longer bound to a well-defined perimeter network.  Traditional tools used to deploy and manage applications do not work well for cloud-based

How to Configure Intune Clients with Configuration Profiles

In this video, we review using Intune Configuration Profiles with Windows clients.  We start by reviewing how they are different from Compliance Policies, then

The Impact of Live and Online IT Events for Career Development With Guest Simon Binder

In this episode, we talk with Simon Binder.  Simon is a Microsoft MVP, Principal Workplace Architect at Telia Cygate and cofounder of AVD Tech

Keep Windows Secure with Intune Compliance Policies

We can add devices with auto enrollment, or let our users enroll devices into Intune for mobile device management, but are they secure?  In
My Cloud Coach

My Cloud Coach Podcast: Landing Your First IT Job with Guest Keith Enright

In this episode I talk with my friend, Keith Enright, about landing your first job in IT.  Topics cover applying, interviewing and the role
May 2024
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