Author: Travis Roberts

Network Watcher

Network Packet Capture in Azure with Network Watcher and Wireshark

An important step when troubleshooting network and connectivity issues is collecting packet captures.  A packet capture copies the IP flow information between a target
Network Watcher

Verify Azure IP Flow with Azure Network Watcher

Azure Networking relies on many of the same principles of networking on-premises, but there are also differences.  This video explores the Azure Network Watcher
Network Watcher

What is Network Watcher and How Did It Get In My Subscription!

You just created an Azure VNet and there is a new resource group called NetworkWatcherRG shows up in the subscription, what is it and

Know your Azure AD Device Identities! Azure AD Registered, Azure AD Joined, and Hybrid Azure AD Joined

Devices, like users and groups, have identities in Azure AD.  We can use these identities to manage the devices.  This video goes over the
AVD Disaster Recovery

Azure Virtual Desktop Disaster Recovery Live Stream

It is 9 AM on a Monday, and the Azure region you deployed AVD to is down; now what? This live stream looks at
Azure AD Identity

Azure Global Admin is not a “Global Admin”

Understanding Role Based Access Control (RBAC) roles and scopes is important to managing Azure cloud services.  This video goes over a common misunderstanding of
Image Builder PowerShell

Install Applications in Azure Image Builder with PowerShell!

Azure Image Builder provides a way to create images for Azure VM’s in an automated pipeline.  It’s even easier with the new portal integration. 
December 2023
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