2 thoughts on “Azure AD Connect Sync Staging Mode

  1. Very nice explanation.

    Our current Azure ADConnect is running version 1.2..67.0. I’m performing a Swing migration, basically installing a new server running the latest version of Azure AD Connect.

    Our Active server is running such an old version that I cannot export the configuration from Azure AD Connect. However, I understand I can export the configuration using the MigrateSettings.ps1 script.

    Have you ever used this? It creates a JSON file which contains only policyMetadata and deploymentMetadata. The file is only 2KB in size. It also creates 3 folders:
    – Connectors
    – GlobalSettigns
    – SynchronizationRules

    Is all of this information exported using the MigrationSettings script the same as exporting the configuration using a new version than 1..2.67.0 ?

  2. Hi Travis,
    Fantastic video – many thanks for putting that together.
    I ran into an error on setting up my staging server… “Unable to create the synchronization service account for Azure Active Directory…”
    Can you offer any tips on how to get around this issue?

    The account does not have MFA enabled and is an existing AD Service account.

    Thank you!

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