Azure Automation Hybrid Worker with Azure Arc Enabled Servers

Azure Automation Hybrid Worker with Azure Arc Enabled Servers

Azure Arc Automation Hybrid Worker

Azure Automation is not just for Azure!  We can extend it to an on-premises or multi-cloud environment with Hybrid Workers.  This video starts with an introduction to Hybrid Workers and then moves on to installing an Azure Automation Hybrid Worker on Azure Arc enabled severs.  We then test the implementation with a simple runbook.

4 thoughts on “Azure Automation Hybrid Worker with Azure Arc Enabled Servers”

  1. Hi Travis,

    thanks for the content. One question: how many workers can exist in a single workers group? I mean, we can run one script to multiple servers at a time?

    The doc is not that clear about that:

    “Each user Hybrid Runbook Worker is a member of a Hybrid Runbook Worker group that you specify when you install the worker. A group can include a single worker, but you can include multiple workers in a group for high availability.”

      1. Hi Travis!,

        Thanks for the reply! So basically, if I need to run the script on every single machine, I should create a separate workgroup for each one, right?

        1. You could, but that won’t scale well. This question has come up a coupled of times since I posted the video. I’m working on a follow up that goes over PowerShell remoting with Hybrid Workers that may address this scenario. It will be available in a week. The short version is use invoke-command with credential resources to run the commands remotely.

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