Azure Windows Virtual Desktop Now GA! Overview and Walk Through

Azure Windows Virtual Desktop Now GA! Overview and Walk Through

In this video, I go over the basics of Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) and why an organization may be interested in using it.  I compare WVD to Remote Desktop Services (RDS), outlining the major differences.  After that, I give a tutorial on configuring permissions for WVD into Azure AD, install the PowerShell Modules and then setup the Tenant.  Once that’s in place, I deploy a WVD host pool from the Azure Marketplace and log in with the HTML5 client. 

Azure AD Requirements (source of note):

URLs for assigning WVD rights to Azure AD:

2 thoughts on “Azure Windows Virtual Desktop Now GA! Overview and Walk Through”

  1. I’m having issues validating deployment with WVD. I have on-prem environment to using AD Connect -(password hashing) – only users & groups are synced with Azure. What else do I need to get Windows Virtual desktop to valid and deploy? Any help would be appreciated. I have an open ticket with Azure support but no body has responded in over two day which is very port support..

    1. Can you share the error message you are getting? I started having validation issues yesterday and think there may be an issue with the WVD template in the portal. My error is:

      Deployment template validation failed: ‘The template resource ‘_artifactsLocation’ at line ‘109’ and column ’31’ is not valid: The language expression property ‘templateLink’ doesn’t exist, available properties are ‘template, templateHash, parameters, mode, debugSetting, provisioningState’.. Please see for usage details.’.

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