Proximity Placement Groups and Accelerated Networking

Proximity Placement Group

In this video I go over the benefits of using Azure Proximity Placement Groups and Accelerated networking with Azure IaaS VM’s.  I start by explaining what Proximity Placement Groups are and how they work, then go over the basics of Accelerated Networking.  After that, I deploy a Proximity Placement Group and accelerated networking and compare results with and without the features enabled.

VM Size and OS support for Accelerated Networking:
Azure Availability:

Latte Commands:

# Receiver
# Allow Latte through the Firewall 
netsh advfirewall firewall add rule program=c:\Tools\latte.exe name="Latte" protocol=any dir=in action=allow enable=yes profile=ANY
# Start Receiver
C:\tools\latte.exe -a -i 651000

# Sender
C:\Tools\latte.exe -c -a -i 651000

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