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Azure AD Identity

Azure Global Admin is not a “Global Admin”

Understanding Role Based Access Control (RBAC) roles and scopes is important to managing Azure cloud services.  This video goes over a common misunderstanding of

Save Money with an Azure Savings Plan for Compute

Microsoft provide a few options to save money in Azure.  Reserved Instances, Hybrid Benefits, Spot Instances and now Azure Savings Plan for Compute.  This

Use PowerShell to Create a Snapshot Based Image of an Azure Virtual Machine

This video goes of using the SnapImage.ps1 PowerShell script.  This script automates the process of creating an image from an Azure VM without destroying

Automatically add an Azure Tag Using Event Grid and Azure Functions

In this video, we apply Azure Tags to Resource Groups automatic with Event Grid and Azure Functions.  We configure Azure Event Grid on a

Proximity Placement Groups and Accelerated Networking

In this video I go over the benefits of using Azure Proximity Placement Groups and Accelerated networking with Azure IaaS VM’s.  I start by

Reserved Instances in Azure

Reserved Instances offer significant savings for IaaS Servers, SQL Databases, Cosmos DB and other Azure and third party services.  I have mentioned Reserved Instance

“NotFound” ARM Template Error

I recently ran into an issue while deploying a VM with an ARM template. The server deployed correctly, but the JoinDomain extension failed with

Dynamic Azure ARM Template for Server Deployments

Ever since I started using Template Deployments I have been perfecting a Dynamic Azure ARM Template for server deployments.  I finally reached a point
May 2024
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