Azure Automanage now in Public Preview

In this post and accompanying video, we go over Azure Automanage.  Automanage is an Azure solution to automate management of IaaS servers within the Cloud Adoption Frameworks best practices.  This post gives an overview of the services.  The video reviews the service and provides a demonstration of on-boarding a server.  After that, we go on to review settings on a server that is part of Azure Automanage.

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Azure Machine Learning in Log Analytics

Machine Learning with Log Analytics

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are all the rage and for good reason.  While static grouping and sorting in Azure Log Analytics can help you break down data and find the source of issues, Machine Learning can point out issues or unusual relationships you may not even be aware of.   It does this by identifying patterns that are not obvious or by detecting differences in data sets.  In this post I go over the basics of the Basket, Autocluster and Diffpatterns Machine Learning queries that can be use in Azure Log Analytics, Azure Application Insight or Azure Security Center. Continue reading “Azure Machine Learning in Log Analytics”