Windows Virtual Desktop JoinDomain Error

This video goes over “JoinDomain” error sometimes experienced in Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD).  The video reviews the requirements for WVD and configuration errors that could lead to the “JoinDomain” error.  I give several tips to resolve issues that could cause this error and give a suggestion at the end to help identify if the source of the problem is WVD or the Azure Environment.

The article referenced in the video can be found here:

2 thoughts on “Windows Virtual Desktop JoinDomain Error

  1. We want to migrate our entire office to Azure IaaS and use WVD for our workstations.

    Is WVD a good choice or is there something better.

    When we perform the migration we will no longer have an office or servers on-site. So an external DC is out of the question.

    What would you recommend.

    1. WVD requires Active Directory Domain Services, either Windows AD that could be implemented on an IaaS server in Azure, or Azure AD Domain Services. Providing one of those options are available, WVD will work.

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