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Azure Automation Hybrid Workers with PowerShell Remoting and Credential Resources

This video is a follow-up to a previous one on Azure Automation with Arc-enabled Hybrid Workers.  Hybrid Workers extend runbooks to a private network,

Azure Automation Hybrid Worker with Azure Arc Enabled Servers

Azure Automation is not just for Azure!  We can extend it to an on-premises or multi-cloud environment with Hybrid Workers.  This video starts with

Webhooks and Azure Automation Runbooks

Overview Azure Automation is Microsoft’s cloud-hosted automation solution.  It uses Python or PowerShell based scripts, referred to as runbooks, to launch automation jobs in

Introduction to Azure Automation (again)

Azure Automation is a process automation tool hosted in Azure.  It provides the ability to run scripts or Runbooks in Azure, other clouds, or

Copy Blob Files Local with Event Grid and Azure Automation

This video demonstrates how to automatically sync Blob files in Azure Storage to a local file system.  I show how to configure Event Grid

Parent Child Runbooks and Shared Variables with Azure Automation

In this video I go over the two methods of starting a runbook from another runbook.  This is referred to as a parent child

Create and Run PowerShell Runbooks in Azure Automation

In this video I demonstrate how to create and run Azure Automation PowerShell Runbooks from the Azure Portal.  This includes editing, publishing and scheduling

Authentication and Azure Automation Runbooks

Recently I ran into an issue with Authentication and Azure Automation child runbooks. The goal was to call a PowerShell child runbook following the
April 2024
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