Windows 365 Enterprise and Intune Management Training Course Now Available!

I am happy to announce a new Microsoft training course for Windows 365 Enterprise and Intune Management is now available at  I collaborated with Dean Ellerby (@dean_ellerby) to create this course.  It covers everything needed to implement and manage Windows 365 Enterprise with Intune. 

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Windows 365 Enterprise: Requirements and Walkthrough

This post and video we cover requirements and an overview of how to configure and provision a Cloud PC with Windows 365 Enterprise.

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Announcing Windows 365!


Microsoft announced Windows 365 this week at Inspire.  With this announcement comes a new way to deliver remote desktops as a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform built on Azure Virtual Desktop and is a significant addition to virtual desktop options in Azure.  There is a limited amount of information available about windows 365; in this post and accompanying video, we’ll break down what it is and how it differs from Azure Virtual Desktop.  Keep in mind that this is a new service, the information available may not be complete and change once Windows 365 is available.

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