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Private Endpoints and DNS Part Deux: Azure Private DNS Zones

This is a second video on Azure Private Endpoints and DNS.  Previously, we reviewed options for DNS name resolution with Private Endpoint that included

Private Endpoints and DNS in Azure

Private Endpoints in Azure provide a secure way to access resources over the private, internal network.  But the options for configuring DNS for Private

Getting Started with Azure AD App Proxy

Azure AD Application Proxy provides a simple, secure, and cost-effective way for remote access to on-premises websites and web-based applications.  This video starts with

Azure AD Domain Services Forest Type, User or Resource?

Azure Active Directory Domain Services (Azure AD DS) now supports two forest types: User and Resource.  In this video, we go over what each

Azure AD Connect Sync and Cloud Sync, What’s the Difference?

Many organizations use Azure AD Connect Sync to synchronize hybrid identities from Windows AD to Azure AD DS.  Microsoft recently announces a new service,

Deploy Azure AD Domain Service and Join a Server to the Domain

In this video, I go over deploying Azure AD and configuring replication with an on-premises Windows Active Directory domain and Azure Active Directory.  I

Proximity Placement Groups and Accelerated Networking

In this video I go over the benefits of using Azure Proximity Placement Groups and Accelerated networking with Azure IaaS VM’s.  I start by
May 2024
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